"Culture of Good Neighborhood" is a Ukrainian product

“Culture of Good Neighborhood” is a Ukrainian product and currently the only cross-cutting course in the formal education system of Ukraine that has been authorized and partially developed by the UMC from preschoolers, all levels of school education, to universities and adult education (teachers, parents).

20+ years of experience

work in the formal education system of Ukraine

The stamp of the MES was received

to implement an integrated course

Teacher certification

at advanced training courses

250+ trainers certified

for successful course delivery

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To verify the certificate, enter in this field the 8 digits located in the certificate number between the slashes in the format /XXXXXXXX/ - where XXXXXXXXX is part of the unique number in your certificate

To check certificates issued before 2023, please follow the link: Certificates

The process of obtaining

To receive a certificate, you must fulfill all the training requirements depending on the chosen course. After fulfilling the requirements, the certificate will be generated in the participant’s personal account on the platform. If necessary, you can download it to your computer.

What is the benefit of the certificate

Certificates issued in the course of training at refresher courses can be used to submit a personal refresher training report. Such certificates meet all the requirements of advanced training. They also contain end-to-end coding and will be posted on the platform for verification


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